SASE National Conference

Community Service


National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), co-hosted with Be the Match

We decided to partner up with the Be the Match Registry, operated by National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP).This program hopes to help the thousands of people who are diagnosed with different blood cancers. A patient’s likelihood of finding a donor is highly dependent on his/her ethnicity and currently, only 7% of the 10.5 million members on the registry are of Asian heritage.

Conference attendees can be added to the potential donor registry by having a cheek swab taken by a NMDP representative. Because adding each individual to the registry costs approximately $100, SASE would like to provide a donation to Be the Match to help cover some of the expenses. Please visit our SASE team page to make a donation. 


“I Pledge to be a Leader” 

SASE hopes to encourage individuals to take a more active leadership role in their community by writing a postcard pledge. For a donation, postcards will be provided to the participants and later displayed on wall to signify the willingness of the participants to make a difference in their community. After the conference, the postcards will be mailed to their respective owners as a reminder to fulfill the pledge they made at the conference. The community service table will also have leadership bracelets available for those who donate.

 Want to get involved ahead of time? Here's your chance to participate in our Facebook campaign!

LEAD Collage4

"I LEAD" Instructions:
Step 1:
 Download the "I LEAD" template and print it. 
Step 2: Using a marker, write how or why you are a leader in a few words (see below for examples).
Step 3: Have a friend take a picture of you holding the sign.
Step 4: Upload that picture as your Facebook profile picture. 
Step 5: Create a caption advertising our community service campaign. An example is shown below:

"Being a leader means taking on a bigger role in your own community. Pledge to be a leader today as part of the #SASENC2014 campaign and start making a difference in both your own and others' lives. For more information on our upcoming projects, please visit our community service page here:"

Step 6: Challenge at least 3 friends to participate in the campaign AND donate to our team page. Or better yet, have them register for our national conference, held in Philadelphia, PA from Oct. 16-18, 2014!

"I LEAD" Examples:
- I LEAD "by being a mentor to underclassmen"
- I LEAD "to end poverty"
- I LEAD "by standing up when no one else will"
- I LEAD "to break stereotypes"
- I LEAD "accepting myself and others"