SASE National Conference

Empowering You Videos

SASE National Conference and STEM Career Fair 2017: Empowering You Video Contest. We ask seasoned members to reflect on the past years of how SASE has empowered you and new members to ponder on how SASE could potentially give you power. Whether you’ve been able to step out of your comfort zone, take advantage of various opportunities, or increase your leadership potential.

Vote for your favorite video by liking and sharing the original post on our official voting page on Facebook. This will help their chapter win $100 and other SASE swag! The voting period is from July 10th to June 16th 11:59 PM (EDT). Check out the video submissions from Boston University, Drexel University, WPI, and Rutgers, and if you feel the empowerment, register for NC2017 here!

Boston University
Drexel University (runner up)
Rutgers University (Winner)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (runner up)