2018 Community Service

 SASE Community Service: Providing food across Chicago and Cook County through the Greater Chicago Food Depository

Whether the occasion is Thanksgiving, Christmas, or your birthday, you can be sure there is plenty of feasting. None of these events would be complete without the sharing of sumptuous food; it is a way to remove barriers, explore new cultures, and build stronger relationships when we socialize. Indeed, food is not just for nourishment, but also to unite us all across the table and around the world.

This year, the National Conference Community Service Committee has published a cookbook featuring various cultural food recipes submitted by SASE members and friends. It is a way for people in our community to celebrate their culture and heritage by sharing some of their favorite recipes, a few of which have been passed along for generations.

SASE will be collaborating with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a nonprofit organization that provides an average of 200,000 pounds of food across Chicago and Cook County. As one of the leading charities in the city, the Food Depository serves more than 812,000 residents annually to help fight hunger. In the months prior to conference, the Community Service Committee had also organized an in-person event, where SASE members in the local Chicago area volunteered to sort and distribute food to people in need.

To support this service project, please consider making a donation to the program by purchasing a cookbook. All proceeds from sales will go towards this food bank to serve meals for the hungry community.

2018 SASE Cookbook Cover