2019 Community Service

 SASE Community Service: Providing food for the Pittsburgh community through the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

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Now more than ever, society has taken initiatives to create a sustainable future. One way many seek to achieve this is by reducing and eliminating the use of plastics. Recently many cities and companies have started to eliminate plastic use by banning plastic straws. To follow this effort, this year’s National Conference Community Service Committee has provided portable, stainless steel, collapsible straws.

 Straw Proof

SASE is collaborating with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB), a non-profit organization that aids in eliminating hunger by mobilizing their community. Their organization works with 400+ programs to service 33 million meals to 11 counties. They are committed to providing nutritious and safe food, promoting sustainability, and celebrating diversity within their communities. In addition to distributing food, GPCFB is actively confronting issues of chronic hunger. They assist with helping families apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), providing free meals and fun activities to kids during the summer months when school is out of session, and reducing the amount of highly processed foods in the distribution system. Through their efforts, they have become a primary driver in anti-hunger endeavors regionally, state-wide, and at the national level.


Their organization also aligns with our efforts towards sustainability, with their environmental efforts. They operate in a green facility, which is the first LEED-certified food bank in the United States. Additionally, they have won the Three Rivers Environmental Award and the Pennsylvania Waste Watcher Award for material reuse.


To support this project, please consider making a donation to reserve a reusable straw. You can also donate for a limited edition SASE National Conference T-Shirt.  All proceeds will be donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to serve meals for the hungry.

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Community Service On-site Fundraiser: Food Drive with Carnegie Mellon University SASE Chapter

This year SASENC19 Community service collaborated with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) SASE Chapter for a Food Drive! CMU SASE hosted a food collection and donated the food to our philanthropy, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. After they donated the food they were able to take a tour of the Food Bank's impressive food bank!

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