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2018 ERG Leadership FAQ

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What is an ERG Strategy Session?

  • The Employee Resource Group (ERG) Strategy Session is a half-day regional event of Elevate’s ERG Academy that shares best practices and new, innovative tools. 
  • It convenes Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders, champions and sponsors, as well as diversity advocates from major organizations. 
  • The ERG Strategy Session is an invitation-only event that offers a dynamic platform to drive ERG strategy and growth.


Who can attend?

  • Any professional who is interested in diversity, affinity group or employee resource groups.
  • We welcome those who are new to ERGs as well as who are experienced and are seeking tools for further advancement.


What does the ERG Strategy Session cover?

ERG2 Cover

  • Leadership traits and practices of successful ERGs and how to implement them.
  • The value of ERGs, their events, and how to strike the right balance within your workplace.

  • Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of The ERG Economy: Optimize Your Employee Resource Groups, 2nd Edition.


Learn more about The ERG Economy

This pioneering book on Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) defines this vital space as it positions ERGs as drivers of their own economic engines, which contribute to the larger economic marketplace. The ERG Economy is defined as the flow (concentration and distribution) and management of resources within a community—in this case, ERGs and related stakeholders. ERGs generate, facilitate and propagate economic resources that advance individuals, organizations and communities around them. Analogous to our global economy, the ERG Economy reflects how ERGs interact with their environment to produce results for their organizations. Like any trusted guide, the book features clear and concise visual tools that ERGs can apply immediately.

With the success of the first edition, the second edition of this book features several key augmentations:

• Guest Executive and Expert Tools: These tools highlight practical insights at the executive level and feature subject-matter expertise.

• Triple the Tools: The second edition includes over triple the number of tools.

• Enhanced Formatting: The tools are now more streamlined and enhanced visually.


How can I get on the invited list?

Interested companies and individuals should contact Jessica Moy ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for registration and more information.


How many people can my company send?

  • • Current Gold or OAC SASE sponsors may bring up to 4 complimentary attendees.
  • • Other SASE sponsors may bring up to 3 complimentary attendees.
  • • Potential SASE sponsors may bring up to 2 complimentary attendees.
  • • SASE is able to offer these complimentary slots to SASE's current and potential sponsors through the generosity of Elevate and their sponsoring partners.  The market rate for this type of training starts at $900 per person, per day.


Can I bring more than the allotted complimentary attendees?

Additional seats beyond the sponsored seats cost $450 with a maximum of four (4) paid attendees on top of the complementary, sponsored slots.


Do I have to attend the SASE National Conference and/or STEM Career Fair?

There is no mandatory attendance to the SASE National Conference and STEM Career Fair. However, SASE offers other opportunities for branding, networking and hiring some of the best talent from across the US at the SASE National Conference and STEM Career Fair, which is the largest gathering of Asian American professionals in the US.

If you are interested in these other opportunities, please contact Rene Avendano ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 562.760.9868) for more information. You can also click here for the sponsorship guide.


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