SASE National Conference

Rules of Behavior

Last Updated: September 27, 2018

These Rules of Behavior are examples and clarifies the Code of Conduct, which all registrants accepted in the registration process.

1. Harassment of any kind or disrespect towards peers and others will not be tolerated.

2. Defacing of any property, public or private, will not be tolerated, and any damage must be paid for by the person(s) who caused it.

3. Participants must agree to policies and instructions of any host, including but not limited to, Airbnb hosts, event staff, restaurants, and hotels.

4. Drinking and/or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during planned events on the schedule, unless otherwise stated.

5. The sale or use of illegal drugs (as defined by the state of the event location) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

6. Participants must abide by the quiet hours announced by the establishments and be mindful of early events.

7. Participants must not bring any weapons, firearms or anything that may be construed as a weapon.

8. Any additional rules specific to the event, which may be announced, must be followed as well.

Participants who break any of the rules above or violate the Code of Conduct may be subject to immediate dismissal from the current event, excluded from future participation in events, membership removal and/or other actions deemed appropriate by SASE. These Rules of Behavior apply from the time the participant leaves home for the trip, during the trip itself, and until they return home after the trip.

Participants are representing SASE during the events and should hold themselves to the level of professional conduct appropriate for a member of SASE.