SASE National Conference

2014 SASE National Conference Sponsors


As a sponsor at SASE’s 2014 National Conference and Career Fair, you will be recruiting some of the best and brightest technical minds in the country! We expect more than 2,000 attendees at the 2014 career fair, 20% of whom are experienced professionals. There are a number of ways for you to participate, from a single booth to lead and conference meal sponsorships. All sponsors receive advertising in SASE Magazine.

Listed below are the 2014 sponsors. Please visit their linked sites.

Lead Sponsors 

2014 Lead GE 150x150 2014 Lead ITW 150x150 2014 Lead Shell 150x150

Events / Products Sponsors

2014 EventsProducts NAVY 150x150 2014 EventProducts BASF 150x150 2014 EventProducts Booz Allen Hamilton 2014 EventsProducts Chrysler 150x150
2014 EventProducts DTEEnergy 150x150 2014 EventProducts NAVAIR 150x150 2014 EventProducts NAVFAC 150x150 2014 EventProducts NAVSEA 150x150
2014 EventProducts NAVSUP 150x150 2014 EventProducts Nissan 150x150 2014 EventProducts PG 150x150 2014 EventProducts Raytheon
2014 EventProducts Toyota 150x150 2014 EventsProducts Spawar150x150 2014 EventProducts USMC 150x150 2014 EventsProducts Walmart  

Career Fair / Other Sponsors  

2014 CareerFair ABB  2014 CareerFair AerospaceCorporation 150x150 2014 CareerFair Ball Aerospace  2014 CareerFair Boeing
2014 CareerFair BP 2014 CareerFair BrownandCaldwell 150x150 2014 CareerFair CapitalOne 150x150 2014 CareerFair CIA
2014 CareerFair Clorox 2014 CareerFair Draper 2014 CareerFair Duport 2014 CareerFair Environmental Protection Agency
2014 CareerFair EQT 2014 CareerFair Exelis 2014 CareerFair General Dynamics 2014 CareerFair Georgia Tech Research Institute
2014 CareerFair Glaxo Smith Kline 2014 CareerFair LockheedMartin 150x150 2014 CareerFair MITLincolnLabs 2014 CareerFair NASA 150x150
2014 CareerFair National Geospatial-Intelligennce 2014 CareerFair NSA 150x150 2014 CareerFair Nextera Energy 2014 CareerFairPraxair
2014 CareerFair Sourcing Tech 2014 CareerFair Tesoro 150x150 2014 CareerFair USCG 150x150b 2014 CareerFair USDA Forest Service
2014 CareerFair Department of State 2014 CareerFair USPS 2014 CareerFair United Technologies 150x150 2014 CareerFair Verizon 150x150

Academic / Non Profit Sponsors 

2014 Academic NonProfit AAAS 2014 Academic NonProfit Binghamton University 2014 Academic NonProfit Carnegie Mellon University 2014 Academic NonProfit Cornell University
2014 Academic NonProfit Johns Hopkins University 2014 AcademicNonProfit NAAAP 150x150 2014 Academic NonProfit University of Notre Dame 2014 Academic NonProfit Pan-Asian American Community House PAACH at the University of Pennsylvania 
  2014 Academic NonProfit Teach For America  2014 Academic NonProfit Template University