SASE National Conference


01 Jeremy Hill

Major: Computer Engineering
School: University of Dayton

Soooooo I kinda just got thrown into SASE. I expressed interest the summer before ariving on campus freshman year at a minorities in STEM summer camp. It was here that I met Marina who told me that SASE is a great organization to meet people and build my professional skills and that I should join. Having already made friends through the camp that were joining other similar clubs, I didn't join SASE first semester. Then, I went to China, so no SASE second semester either.

Nearly a year after speaking to Marina at summer camp, she reached out again and offered an e-board position. I was like "e-board? I'm not even a general member yet..." But she convinced me to take on the Corporate Affairs and Marketing roles. It was through these roles that I learned the true value of SASE.

I learned about the career and networking opportunities that lay ahead at National Conference (NC). I learned of all the other friends Marina had made from other schools through SASE. Most of all though, I could tell that SASE is more than a club to Marina and the other returning members: SASE is a place of refuge for those that want to tap into Asian culture and business etiquette. A support system mentally and emotionally for its members. A family.

This message came full circle when I attended NC later that fall. The volunteers were all so passionate whenever I entered a workshop, and the speakers all spoke so highly of the closeness of the organization. Further, the national SASEbook, a platform for SASE members to network if they're traveling or need to rant about something an Asian American would only understand, is a great example of again the closeness of SASE and its members. SASE just seems like the perfect combination of professionalism and friendship, which is sometimes difficult and gutsy to merge. But SASE pulled it off in Dallas and continuously pulls it off day in and day out, and I think that's the best part. As I serve as philanthropy chair of the UD chapter, on the NC marketing committee, and as lead of this campaign, I am constantly reminded that SASE is capable of creating and developing professionals in a way that seems casual rather than tedious and plastic. And it is because of this that I am so grateful Marina threw me into SASE last year (even though I don't tell her that often).

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

Laughter! I use laughter to get through the longest days, the toughest tests, and the hardest emotions. Because it helps me so much, I try to make as many people laugh, or at least smile, each day. Especially at work, many become sucked into tasking and deadlines, forgetting that they actually work with other amazing people. Seeing someone laugh reassures me that their day, or at least this very moment of their day, got a little better.