SASE National Conference


02 Denise Pulmano

Major: Mechanical Engineering
School: University of Florida

I joined the UF SASE chapter because everyone was so welcoming to a freshman like me. I ran for Public Relations Officer in Spring 2014 and since then I've been an officer for UF SASE (PR, IVP, President, and now Alumni Chair). The best part about our chapter is that we're always growing, but we'll always be a family. I've met my lifelong friends through SASE and discovered my passion for leadership. When I'm not hanging out with my SASE fam, I'm still hanging out with them online through video games. Shout out to my squad Daniel, Scott and Pat for keeping me company online and Kate for being the best roommate <3

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

You never know someone's full story or what they've been through, you usually only see their success. I've been privileged to get to know some of SASE's very successful members and learn about their failures as well. Knowing people can fail and be successful is what empowers me. There's power in failure and I think that's something everyone should know. I believe I empower people by being transparent about my failures. I share with friends that I'm not the smartest student, but I have a lot of perseverance. With my perseverance, I've experienced success in different forms.