SASE National Conference


03 Angel Chen

Major: Computer Engineering
School: Lehigh University

As I walked into the first general SASE meeting, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Just a few days ago I wrote my contact information at the SASE booth during the Club Expo. SASE seemed like a decent professional club to join that pertained to my major, so I decided to give it a shot. I sat down and listened to to the e-board members introduced themselves and presented what the club had to offer for the next 30 minutes. At the end of the meeting the president announced that the meeting was over and we could leave. I stayed for a little bit chatting with my friend. As we were thinking about leaving, the president came over and pulled up a chair next to us.

“What’s sup freshies? My name is Vincent. How did you think of the presentation? I whipped it up last night in about 20 minutes”, he stated. I was a bit surprised at that moment because I honestly didn’t expect the president of a club randomly come up and talk to me. We struck up a conversation as he asked us about the courses we were taking and the college experience so far. He then invited over some of the other e-board members and introduced them to us (once again). As we talked more and more, I felt welcomed and less nervous. When I finally left the room, I decided to come back for future meetings because I now had a newfound connection.

Through the professional and social events that were planned each month, my passion for SASE grew each time. It was a club that helped you prepare an elevator pitch for the upcoming university career fair or gave you the opportunity to network with a company. Furthermore the warm and nurturing community of our SASE chapter kept on bringing me back. I mean what is the likelihood that your SASE president invites you to go to a chinese buffet with him on Sundays? Pretty rare but we did it often. Fast forwarding to now, I became the Vice President of our SASE chapter, helping plan events and making sure the club runs smoothly.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

SASE empowers me to be more confident in myself. It challenges me to take risks that I would have never done before. Engaging with random people is not a strong point personally but networking with other people through the SASE connection helps me overcome that weakness. There are a lot of nice people out there in the world that are waiting to be talked to. I hope to empower others in the same way SASE has done for me, pushing them out of their comfort zone and in that process become a better self.