SASE National Conference


04 Lucy Liu

Major: Rehabilitation Science
School: University of Pittsburgh

Like any other freshman, I was ready to sign up for everything and anything to make sure my resume is jacked up. As I attended SASE first meeting, I innocently also signed the interest form for PR Commitee in hopes to, again, strengthen my resume. Little did I know this became a start of something super special. My first day to my first meeting is unforgettable. I ran all the way down a hill with my gym bag because I came straight from fencing practice. I was the latest one, sweatiest one, and also the worse dress. Funny enough, thanks to my involvement with PR Commitee, it lead me to run for board positions. I was fortunate enough to be Pitt SASE PR chair during the next election. We always had a great time and were a focused group. The best memories were always at National and Regional Conference. You see the SASE community as a whole and then you realize how we are part of a massive organization that promotes professionalism, cultural awareness, leadership, and giving back to the community.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

I am empowered to be better or to always be growing and improving. I don't think we should ever settle to be good or just "ok". We should always want to develop and get better and reach higher for a greater success. One way I empower others is by showing growth myself and to do that I must realize my mistakes and flaws and own them. I always have to keep myself in check and learn how to discipline my mind to never just settle. During my time in SASE it was nothing but just trial and error and learning from our results. There are methods of marketing which works and other methods that don't work, but it's the matter of continuously trying, not giving up, and team work.