SASE National Conference


06 Allan Xu

Major: Legal Studies and Marketing
School: Drexel University

In freshman year of college, Keith asked me to join the organization as a Public Relations Chair. It was from then on that I would start a long adventure on the board of SASE. As the Vice President, the best part of my chapter is the ability to grow. I have seen it begin small, but slowly my family grew into one of the strongest SASE chapters on the east coast. When I am not with the SASE fam, I am working hard on my business and real estate. I do too much, ask the people in our chapter or visit Philadelphia.

My fondest memory at SASE NC is meeting all of the people there. It is a way for some students to light up new paths for themselves especially when they are confused themselves. Others are in the same spot, and discussing with them can help guide you. Then there is the after party and festivities that I like to enjoy immensely. My network is very large allowing me to talk and hang out with many people everywhere.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

My family and food empower me to work hard and be cheerful. You can’t get your mom to make you food if you don’t say the occasional “thanks mom, I love ya”. With a positive outlook on life, I hope to pass this same outlook to others, enabling them to work hard and be positive through their life time. I think I am happier to see that I make others happy than almost anything else.