SASE National Conference


08 Benjamin Lieu

Major: Exercise Science
School: Old Dominion University

I began SASE because I find myself to be overly considerate of my peers and I hold myself accountable for what I say. A friend encouraged me to join an organization that I hadn't heard of before. Out of consideration for my friend, I agreed to help her reach her goal and attend a meeting. If I didn't attend the meeting, I would have feel untrustworthy and like a liar, and I cannot tarnish my name by being called an untrustworthy liar. I was reluctant to stay because I was only interested in studying at the time, but it was out of further consideration for my friend that I stayed in SASE to help her achieve whatever it was she wanted to achieve. Despite this, my experience with SASE is worth a lot. I would say the best part about my SASE chapter is everyone's tenacity for preservation. Whenever there was a chance to give up on something, my officers and members would be passionate about not giving up. When I am not with my SASE family, I would spend time alone, read, look at clothes I want to buy online but not buy them because I'm prudent with my money, and learn a language.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

I am driven by purpose. I believe everything should be done with conscious awareness. This is a cause. A deeper meaning to why someone does something. With a powerful purpose, one can transition from passively doing something to actively doing something. I would rather do something because it stands for something in my life rather than doing something because I thought, "Why not?" This is what I try to do for others. I want them to dig deeper inside of themselves and find a reason for why they do something. "Why are you here?" "Why does this bring you joy?"