SASE National Conference


10 Linda Zheng

Major: Microbiology & Economics
School: University of Pittsburgh

I joined SASE my sophomore year when my roommate, Preethi Sankaran, and I suddenly realized that we weren't seriously a part of any extracurriculars. Upon joining SASE and getting drawn in by my chapter's amazing members, I quickly found myself elected as Public Relations Chair and then the year after, as President. SASE really drew out of me my inner ability to take charge and lead others. Even after I graduated, I found myself missing SASE and wanting to continue to make connections through it, which led to me applying for and becoming an RMR. SASE has not only been a huge part of helping me figure out who I am, but has also led to me making lifelong friends!

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

Other than SASE, my friends and the people that I have met and worked with throughout my life so far empower me. In turn, I empower others by encouraging them to never let anything hold them back from what they want and deserve.