SASE National Conference


11 Alex Chen

Major: Materials Science and Engineering
School: Carnegie Mellon University

SASE, by far, is a people organization. This is something that you come to realize after spending time and getting to know others in your chapter, in other chapters, and in your professional interactions. SASE empowered me to realize that this familiarity and people-centered attitude toward relationships extends to everything, especially beyond college. When I first joined, I viewed SASE transactionally; If I join, what professional help can SASE provide me? However, I realized that the true value SASE offers you is through the relationships you forge. I’ve picked up countless mentors, close friends, and professional help, and very rarely has it come from a workshop. (Of course, workshops are very informational and I’m not saying to forget about them) What SASE has empowered me to do is see the world from a different perspective. It has allowed me to broaden my view on the term network, such that our entire world is shaped by relationships, big and small. It has taught me to treat individuals with respect, as everyone you meet has a different story to tell, and a whole life you don’t know about. And lastly, SASE has taught me to enjoy the little things, as this will often be the biggest takeaways you will experience.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

I'm empowered by listening. I empower others by encouraging them to lead by example, for a leader is not always the one yelling orders to people.