SASE National Conference


12 Joseph Thai

Major: Chemical Engineering
School: NC State University

I joined SASE by starting a chapter at NCSU. Initially it was because I had free time and I thought it would look good on my resume. After starting the chapter with a few other board members, I took on the role as president and quickly realized the benefits of SASE for students and professionals. I met so many inspiring, ambitious, and hard working individuals; many that became good friends and team members! The best part about being a chapter president was being able to develop my leadership skills while also investing in my board and chapter and helping chapter members develop their personal and professional brand. I gotta say, the SASEfam is awesome and definitely one of the biggest motivators to grind harder to accomplish my goals.

When I'm not hanging out with SASEfam I'm playing ultimate frisbee, eating new food, or typing up some SASE emails.

At my first SASE NC (Houston 2015) I met some friends who I still talk with daily and mean a lot to me! I always look forward to catching up with that at conference.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

I am empowered by the other SASE leaders I work with. Experiencing their ambition and drive to push SASE higher empowers me to also grind through work, meetings, and assignments so that I can also contribute to the bigger SASEfam.

I try to empower others by helping them realize their capable of far more than they give themselves credit for. A lot of college students just need to step out and take that first step, initiate that conversation, or send that email. I try to empower others to take that leap into the unknown and even if the first attempt isn't fruitful, they at least learned something. I try to help people understand that failure isn't the end of the world because it happens.