SASE National Conference


14 Ashwin Malik

Position: CTO
Company: Multiply Technology

I first joined SASE on a whim; having received a flyer on professional development at a student organization fair on campus, I attended the first general meeting and accidentally entered the executive board ‘trainee’ program. What followed were 5 roller coaster years of fun with SASE Purdue and subsequently, SASE at a national level.

This will mark my 10th SASE conference and 5th National Conference. Do you remember your first, when you walked through the doors to discover a world of opportunity and a family of connections awaiting you? Do you remember driving overnight and cramming into a single room thanks to a college budget? Do you remember the group hugs and the legendary “SASEbabies” speech? I remember these details, and every year I return for the friends and experiences both new and old.

In 2016, I had the great honor of being nominated for the SASE JCPenney Role Model Contest. I placed in the Top 5, modeled in JCPenney’s ‘Styled for Success’ workshop, and received a full set of professional clothing, from the suit down to the shoes. At a low point when I couldn’t afford a new suit, receiving one thanks to the support of the #SASEfam was profoundly humbling. SASE continues to reward me in ways I could never anticipate, and that is why I continue to give back to SASE.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

I am empowered by the people around me; my friends (more like family) who support, push, and inspire me to greater heights. In return, I offer an ear, a shoulder, a hand; words of encouragement or a kick to the keister. There is no greater pleasure than watching a person achieve the success that they deserve.