SASE National Conference


20 Tiger Cheng

Major: Computer Engineering
School: Purdue University

I rememeber vividly the day I stepped into my first SASE callout. I was a freshman and like many new SASE members, I was interested because I fit the [1] Asian, [2] Scientist / Engineer, [3] wanted to get involved developing myself professionally checkboxes. The room was packed - marketing was perhaps a bit to successful as there was an entire row of people completely covered the walls - and they ran through their fancy Prezi presentation. "Cool." I thought, didn't think too much of it at the time. Things changed around when I spoke to my first board member and he just had a field day with my name, hyping it up going "DUDE, that's so AWESOME! This kid's name is TIGER" I get that every so often with a new acquaintance, but not quite to the same degree that Mubin did (those of you who knew him might understand what I mean by that). It was fun. It was welcoming. As the time went by and I came to more events, it was something that really defined the atmosphere of SASE, both on the chapter level and on the national level. As I started attending the regional and national conferences, I saw SASE as a family that deeply cared about its each other members and was always open and friendly to take in someone new. It's a quality that I find incredibly special about this organization that had led me to many longstanding friends and connections and is the reason I stay invested in the organization today - So I may lead and empower the next "generation" of SASE members in their growth as leaders just as the previous generation had done for me.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

I'm empowered when I'm needed and empower others by being of support with my knowledge whenever available.