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The University of Dayton SASE Chapter was founded in 2014 by a team of four international graduate students. At an institution that is only 1.5% Asian/Asian American, one wouldn't think that an organization like SASE would make it very far. However, the chapter has defied the odds and won Runner Up Outstanding New Chapter Inspire Award in 2014, and continues to shape lives of members and the community today.

UD SASE holds several professional development workshops throughout the year, where members can build professional skills and network with different companies. Each workshop covers a different topic. This past year, our workshops included "Networking for Shy People", "Industry vs. Research", and "Conquering Different Types of Interviews." Companies that have collaborated and sponsored our events include: GE Aviation, Emerson Climate Technologies, Silfex, Inc., and P&G.

We celebrate diversity by holding collaborative events with other organizations and supporting each others events throughout the year. This past spring, we co-hosted an End of the Year Picnic with the Society of Women Engineers, and sponsored a Global Game Night with the Center for International Programs.

Our greatest contribution to our local community has been our partnership with Hannah's Treasure Chest, a nonprofit organization that provides underprivileged families in the Greater Dayton area clothes, diapers, hygiene products, and toys. We volunteered at their warehouse during SASEweek's Community Service Weekend by organizing donations and care packages. In addition, we are assisting with their teddy bear project, where we sew and stuff handmade teddy bears that will go to families with infants.

Of course, our favorite events of the year are National and Regional Conference. Last year, UD SASE took 8 members to Dallas and this year we are bringing 12 people to Chicago. The conference experience is the often the main contributor towards developing SASE passion in our members. The Collegiate Leadership Workshop has allowed our executive board members to meet with leaders from other chapters and share ideas about growing and improving our chapters. After conference, the participants share their experiences at the following General Body Meeting and encourage new members to attend the next conference.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

Our chapter empowers our members by encouraging them to use their unique talents to benefit the community around us. We are proud to have the most diverse membership body out of any other STEM organization on campus: we have strong representation from both domestic and international students, undergraduate and graduate students, and members of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. We proudly support #SASEfam and welcome diverse leadership styles and viewpoints to accomplish our common goal of supporting AAPI in STEM. Our professional development events, cultural programs, and volunteer outreach/service projects allow endless opportunities for members to build their skills and be leaders in the community. Our immense passion and #SASEspirit is infectious.

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