SASE National Conference


Chapter Photo_Texas A&M

SASE-Texas A&M Chapter started when MinhTuan Nguyen and Ivan Gomez were inspired by the mission of SASE. The chapter started out without many sponsors and only 10 officers were able to attend National Conference. Since then, we were able to bring a record of 69 members to National Conference last year. We currently have various company sponsors. We grew from 10 members to 30 members to over 70 paid members now. Programs such as workshops on professional development, mentorship, and committees has formed since then. We have also been awarded the Most Outstanding Organization by the Asian President's Council for two consecutive years. We have also been able to give back to the local community such as making blankets for the Aggieland Humane Society and donating toys to Scotty's House. As we grew we faced many success and challenges. The greatest success and challenge that our chapter has faced was hosting our first ever Regional Conference. It was the largest event that we hosted, and it was the most stressful. There were a lot of logisitics to figure out, and there were uncertainties coming from sponsors. We overcame it, and it was a great success with record attendance from all schools! As our chapter continues to grow, this year Texas A&M chapter is offering scholarships to attend National Conference to empower new members to attend and develop new skills. National Conference offers various events such as resume reviews, hackathon, workshops, and more. From attending the collegiate leadership workshop, our chapter leaders have been able to form closer bonds with other chapter leaders to discuss struggles and develop new ideas to grow the chapter.

What empowers you, and how do you empower others?

As our chapter continues to grow, we want to continue to empower our members with soft skills and leadership skills. After they develop these soft skills and leadership skills, we hope they pass it on and utilize these skills to make a difference in the community.

Chapter Photo_TexasA&M